Elazığ Diyarbakır Highway was built on an open area of ​​32500m2 with a total closed area of ​​650m2 at 10 km. ÇAĞLAYAN PLASTIC MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY production capacity and technology, which is active in the plastic sector, which has an important place in the Turkish economy, is progressing rapidly in the front paces with progress in the Turkish plastic sector. Products manufactured and sold: PVC Pressure Pipes and fittings * PVC Waste Water Pipes and fittings * PE (Polyethylene) HYPE AYPE Pipes * PE (Polyethylene) Sprinkler Pipes and fittings. ÇAĞLAYAN PLASTIC MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY carries out the production or sales activities of the product types written in the headings above. ISO9001: 2008 standards established by the quality management system developed and the effectiveness of the employees' participation is constantly increasing. Since its inception, it has aimed to present the best quality products and services to its consumers under the supervision of technical personnel by using the latest technology in all its products.

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